Our Mission


Crossing over the “Blue Line” and passing the iconic “Now Entering Adirondack Park” sign is a transformative feeling for many. It’s our goal to help you stay connected with that feeling anytime, anywhere.

At the core of 46 Outdoors is the belief that the wilderness has the power to challenge, refine, and elevate any one who steps foot in it. 

Through his ventures, founder James Appleton not only aspires to usher more people into the transformative embrace of the Adirondacks but to cultivate a deeper appreciation and advocacy for the great outdoors.

The Adirondack Effect

Trust me on this: the Adirondack Park has this uncanny ability to bring out the best in us. It’s not just the fresh air or the stunning views, but the whole ADK experience that shapes us, challenges us, and makes us better.

At 46 Outdoors we aim to set people up to experience this Park for themselves so they can learn the lessons these mountains, rivers, and lakes have to teach them.

46 Outdoors' Core Values

46 Outdoors Co.

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