Virtual Adirondack Coaching Session


Plan your next Adirondack trip with outdoors guide James Appleton. Get quick, tailored advice for your ADK adventure!


Embark with Confidence: Personalized Planning with an Adirondack Expert


Skip the endless online searches and second-guessing. Connect directly with James Appleton, a seasoned New York State Licensed Guide, for a one-on-one virtual coaching session designed to empower your Adirondack hiking adventure.


In this personalized session, James will streamline your planning process, saving you hours of research and uncertainty. With his intimate knowledge of the Adirondacks, you’ll gain insights that only a lifelong local could offer. Whether you’re plotting your first ascent or seeking hidden trails, James’ tailored advice helps you bypass the common pitfalls of online forums and conflicting advice.


Your adventure deserves more than just generic tips — it demands expert guidance. In the time you might spend scouring the web, James will provide you with the know-how to navigate the Adirondack wilderness like a pro. From route selection to gear essentials, he’s got the answers to ensure you step onto the trail confident, informed, and ready for the adventure that awaits.

Getting Started:
1.) Book your session above
2.) James will reach out to schedule your gameplan call
3.) Confidently enjoy your meticulously crafted ADK adventure



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