Great Range Athlete TEAM Training Program


Unlock your full mountain potential in our team training program, where dedicated hikers push their limits and support each other every step. In just six weeks, you’ll prepare for more confident and successful mountain adventures with strategic weekly training plans and coaching. This team program equips you physically and mentally to tackle the mountains and enhance your life.


Great Range Athlete Team Training Program

Transform Your Mountain Adventures with Our
6-Week Team Training Program

Unlock your full potential with the Great Range Athlete Team Training Program. Over six weeks, you’ll embark on a transformative journey that prepares you not just for mountain adventures, but for a healthier, stronger life. Join a community of like-minded hikers and adventurers in a team environment, guided by experienced outdoors strength and conditioning coaches, and get ready to tackle new heights on and off the mountain.



What to Expect in the Team Training Program:
  • Targeted Weekly Training Plans: Each week, you’ll receive a new set of workouts specifically designed to build the mountain strength and endurance needed for effective hiking and outdoor adventures. These plans include strength days, backpack rucking, and circuit training.
  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls: Connect with your team and coaches via Zoom every week. These sessions cover your training progress, discuss nutritional strategies on and off the trail, and explore topics related to hiking and the great outdoors.
  • Community Support: Access to an exclusive group accountability thread where you can share your progress, challenges, and get support from fellow teammates and your coach, James Appleton.
  • Guided Team Hike: At the completion of the program the team will schedule a group hike in the Adirondacks.
  • Great Range Athlete Team Gear: Receive an exclusive Team Great Range Athlete T-shirt, patch, and sticker. Wear the badge proudly.


Program Benefits:
  • Build Physical Strength: Our exercises are tailored to help you improve your physical performance in challenging environments.
  • Enhance Mental Toughness: Gain mental resilience to push through your perceived limits- crucial for tough backcountry adventures.
  • Forge Lasting Friendships: Connect with teammates who share your passions and motivate each other to reach new peaks.


Training Breakdown:
  • Full Gym or At-Home Options: Programming options based on preferences and equipment access
  • 5 Days a Week: A variety of training modalities from strength days, to circuits, hiking/rucking, conditioning, and more so you’re unstoppable on the trail
  • Team Accountability: Everyone runs the same programming which builds camaraderie and provides added motivation and accountability


Next Team Program Start Date:
  • June 3 – July 13 (6 weeks)
  • Registration ends June 1


How to Join the Team:
  • Step 1: Reserve your spot by clicking “buy now”
  • Step 2: Your coach will contact you and get you all set up.
  • Step 3: Commit to yourself and get ready! Your journey to peak mountain fitness begins here.



Price: $199

(less than $5 per day)

Don’t wait! Spots Are Limited:
Spots are limited to ensure personalized attention and a close-knit team environment.


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