Great Range Athlete: GOTHICS HYBRID Program


This laser-focused, minimal-equipment hybrid training program combines dumbbell strength training, bodyweight circuits, running, and rucking to equip you with the muscular strength, endurance, and core stability vital for hiking mountains. No stone is left unturned to get you in mountain-shape with the Gothics Hybrid program.


Welcome to the GOTHICS HYBRID Training Program
 by Great Range Athlete


Minimal Equipment. Maximal Impact. Peak Fitness.

Great Range Athlete’s latest innovation – The Gothics Hybrid Program. For those who want to get into prime hiking shape and enjoy a large variety in their training. This 8-week journey is your comprehensive training companion, strategically crafted to forge your path to the mountains using minimal equipment. Whether you’re in the living room, at a local gym, or traveling, this program fits your life and brings the rugged challenges of mountain climbing into your fitness regimen.


What to Expect in the GOTHICS HYBRID Program:
  • 5 Days a Week: A variety of training modalities so you’re unstoppable on the trail
  • Mountain-Strength Days: Build foundational muscle with our exclusive “Gothics Strength Protocol” and “GRA Grind Circuits”.
  • Elevation Days: Bodyweight circuits designed to enhance your heart rate and muscular endurance.
  • Approach Days: Steady-state cardio to replicate the prolonged effort of hiking.
  • Backpack Days: Embrace the weight of the trail with a loaded pack to simulate your upcoming mountain adventures.
Equipment Needed:
  • Dumbbells: A set of light, medium, and heavy to cover all exercises
  • Hiking Backpack: For rucking days, to build hiking stamina and “backpack strength”
  • Running Shoes: Reliable footwear for all conditioning work


At Great Range Athlete, we see the potential in every hiker and outdoor enthusiast who dreams of climbing the highest peaks. Our purpose is to transform your ambition into physical readiness, ensuring that when you face the rugged trails in the Adirondacks or beyond, you’re not just prepared — you’re unstoppable.

Build true mountain-strength with the GOTHICS HYBRID Program so you can climb with confidence!


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