Great Range Athlete: DISMAL WILDERNESS 21-Day Intensive Training Program


The Dismal Wilderness Program will give you a 21-day map to prepare your body for your upcoming Adirondack High Peaks hiking adventure. This program is laser-focused on equipping you with the muscular strength, endurance, and core stability vital for climbing the Adirondack High Peaks and beyond.


Welcome to the DISMAL WILDERNESS 21-Day Training Program
 by Great Range Athlete


Get mountain-ready in 21 Days!


Do you have a hiking trip coming up but your fitness level isn’t quite “mountain-ready”?

This 21-Day Program is the map to awaken your hiking muscles quickly so you can climb with confidence. The Dismal Wilderness Program will give you a 21-day map to quickly awaken your hiking muscles quickly so you can climb with confidence. By the end of those 21 days you will be physically and mentally prepared for your hiking adventure.

Some native tribes referred to the Adirondack region by the name, Couchsachraga, which translates to- Dismal Wilderness. The Adirondack region is rugged, intense, beautiful, and unforgiving. These same words can be used to describe this 21-Day Program. The Dismal Wilderness Program is strategically designed to whip you into mountain-shape fast for your upcoming hiking trip.

You’ll engage in dynamic bodyweight circuits, weekly rucking challenges, strength building using just a few sets of dumbbells, and some running. This program is designed to quickly bolster your endurance, and build the power, and stability needed for the rigorous demands of the High Peaks.

This program isn’t about losing weight- it’s designed to prepare you to achieve peak trail readiness in 21 days.


What to Expect in the DISMAL WILDERNESS Program:
  • 21 Straight Days of Training:  Time is not on our side. This “trail” is 21 days long. No days off. Time to get you High Peaks-ready.
  • Conditioning Circuits:  Merge “strength” and “conditioning” in circuits to simulate the same cardiovascular work you’ll endure on the trail.
  • Strength: Build your strength and conditioning level specifically for hiking.
  • Minimal Equipment: You just need a few sets of dumbbells, your hiking pack, and some shoes.
  • Weekly Rucking Challenges: Load up your hiking pack and start walking to build your legs, lungs, and work capacity.
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Backpack, Shoes


At Great Range Athlete, we see the potential in every hiker and outdoor enthusiast who dreams of scaling the highest peaks. Our purpose is to transform your ambition into physical readiness, ensuring that when you face the rugged trails of the Adirondacks and beyond, you’re not just prepared — you’re unstoppable.

Whip yourself into mountain-shape in 21 days with the DISMAL WILDERNESS Program!


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