From 1-to-46: A Complete Guide to Climbing the 46 High Peaks


All the information you need for a successful and safe Adirondack High Peaks adventure in one convenient eBook!


From 1-to-46: A Complete Guide to Climbing the 46 High Peaks

Hike the 46 High Peaks with Confidence!

Are you dreaming of joining the revered ranks of the Adirondack 46’ers? This comprehensive eBook is the quintessential guide for anyone aspiring to summit the High Peaks. Whether you’re new to hiking or new to the Adirondacks, this guide is your trusted companion on a journey to the top.

What’s Inside:

  • 18-Hike Breakdown: The 46 High Peaks broken down into an 18-hike strategy, so you can plan with clarity and confidence.
  • Trailhead Essentials: No more guesswork. Find detailed information on where to start your hike and what to expect.
  • Strategic Mountain Groupings: Learn how to efficiently tackle multiple peaks in a single trip with our expert grouping advice.
  • Reference Maps: Visualize the route with our maps tailored for the High Peaks adventurer.
  • Safety First: Get equipped with knowledge to keep your hikes safe and enjoyable, regardless of the Adirondack weather’s whims.

Designed For Your Success:

This eBook is more than just a guide; it’s a blueprint for success. We’ve taken the complexity of planning and distilled it into an actionable plan. With this book, you’ll unlock the High Peaks so you can climb with confidence aware of the journey ahead.

Your Companion on the Trail:

Whether you’re aiming to spread your journey over several seasons or set a brisk pace, this guide adjusts to your hiking style. Take the guesswork out of your preparations and focus on what truly matters — the rugged beauty of the Adirondacks and the personal triumph of each summit.

Start Your 46’er Story Today:

With this eBook, you’re not just buying a guide; you’re embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. So lace up your boots, and let’s take this awe-inspiring journey together.

1 review for From 1-to-46: A Complete Guide to Climbing the 46 High Peaks


    The way James writes, you feel as though he is talking to you – like you’re having a conversation as opposed to reading a resource, it’s a friendly vibe. There is also SO much good information! I bought it for the High Peaks trail info but there is so much more from what to wear, what to bring, trailhead info, High Peaks history, weather, safety info, Leave No Trace, and more!

    I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to hike the High Peaks. It’s a wonderful resource for arming yourself with the knowledge to keep you safe while hiking in the Adirondack Park and to respect this beautiful treasure that we all love to enjoy!

    – Cindy G

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