ADIRONDACK hiking challenges



Hiking challenges are unique to the Adirondack Park. These “hiking list challenges” give adventurers a goal to accomplish while also taking them to mountains they may have not visited otherwise.

With numerous challenges for every level of outdoor enthusiast, endless mountain adventures await you. Hike the mountains and earn your patch and roster number. Whether you’re after the coveted 46er title or seeking the thrill of lesser-known summits, these challenges are your invitation to deeper exploration and personal achievement.

Adirondack Park

popular challenges include:

The Adirondack 46 High Peaks

Becoming an Adirondack 46er is the quintessential Adirondack quest — summit all 46 High Peaks over 4000′ and earn a place in the 46er club. It’s a journey of perseverance, beauty, and self-discovery.


The Winter 46er Challenge

Take the 46er challenge to a new level by summiting all 46 High Peaks during the Winter season.
It’s not just a challenge; it’s an adventure that redefines grit and endurance.


The Fire Tower Challenge

Step back in time and take on the Fire Tower Challenge. Climb to the top of each historic fire tower in the park
and enjoy some of the best views the Adirondacks have to offer.


The Saranac Lake 6er Challenge

Join the Saranac Lake 6er Challenge by summiting the six mountains around Saranac Lake.
It’s perfect for those looking for a mix of accessibility and ruggedness.


The Lake Placid 9er Challenge

The Lake Placid 9er Challenge invites you to summit nine specific peaks around the iconic Olympic village, offering a diverse hiking experience.


The Tupper Lake Triad

The Tupper Lake Triad is ideal for families and those new to hiking, offering a taste of the Adirondack experience with three enjoyable peaks.

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